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Adoption Information

     Inviting a puppy into your home will change your life!  As you know, a puppy requires a commitment of time, patience and love!  Things to consider are work, school, and other activities because a puppy requires time for training and attention in order to grow into a  pleasurable adult.  Australian Labradoodles are bred for companionship, and need to spend time with their family.  Your new puppy will become a loyal friend and family member! 


     Please fill out the contact information below so that we can discuss your desires in a puppy.  Some things to consider will be coat color, curly or wavy fleece, male or female, temperament, and timing of delivery of your puppy.

     The cost of an Australian Labradoodle puppy is $3,000.  At the time of application, a deposit of $550 is required.  This deposit will place your name on the wait list and the balance of $2,450 is required upon receipt of your puppy.  Additional fees are applied for travel expenses should your puppy need to be delivered.  


      Each puppy is born into my home as a family member receiving socialization with both people and other dogs. He or she is valued as a precious gift and will be nurtured and loved while in my care.



Included in your purchase price​

  • first set of puppy shots

  • de-worming

  • microchip

  • leash and collar

  • blanket or toy with mother and litter mates' scent

  • registration

  • pedigree

  • 2 year health guarantee 

  • contract stating puppy will be spayed or neutered

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Deposit $550

Balance $2,450