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Miniature Labradoodle

Why Is a Miniature Labradoodle One of the Best Family Dogs?

When we first think about adopting a dog, our mind can begin to race. After all, how do you even begin to choose one breed of dog from the next? For many people, their focus is on finding a dog that they can raise alongside their children. Finding the best family dogs can be easy, provided you know where to look. Today, we are going to introduce you to one of the best family dogs around, the Miniature Labradoodle.

The Miniature Labradoodle is commonly referred to as one of the most loving breeds of canine on the planet. Despite their miniature size, the Mini Labradoodle is known for bringing an extraordinary amount of love and joy to the household. The average Mini Labradoodle will grow to 45lbs in size. At that point in their growth, your Mini Labradoodle will look like a teddy bear of a dog. As one of the best family dogs around, the Mini Labradoodle is known for having an affectionate, calm, and understated demeanor. Thanks to their trainable temperament, the Miniature Labradoodle has become a mainstay in homes with small children or other animals.

If you are looking to add a Miniature Labradoodle to your life, you should do the responsible thing by adopting from an ethical breeder. Sunny Day Doodles is a Breeder Member of the Australian Labradoodle Club of America. Operated in a small family-style setting, Sunny Day Doodles provides hands-on socialization with their pups so that your adopted loved one can acclimate when they transfer to your home. What's more, each adoption comes with a two-year health guarantee, registration and pedigree, microchips, de-worming, and the first set of puppy shots.

To further explore the adoption process at Sunny Day Doodles, navigate to the Adoption Information portion of their website. Fill out their 'contact' form with any additional questions!