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Oliver is a beautiful white/apricot parti with perfect conformation.  He is loyal and affectionate with a laid back, quiet, and sweet temperament. He is  available for stud service. 




     Katie is one of the most loving girls ever! She eagerly climbs into your lap and covers your face with kisses!  She is active and romps playfully with her doggie friends.  Katie has a sweet, cuddly nature and laid back temperament.  She is apricot/white parti-factored and one of the cutest Australian Labradoodles ever. Katie will be ready to become a mommy in the Summer of 2019. 



     Gracie is sweet and sassy! Gracie lives in a wonderful guardian home where she is loved and doted on!  She is smart and quick to learn new words.  She will do lots of tricks for her humans, especially if there are treats involved!  Gracie is apricot/white with a beautiful conformation.  She will be old enough to be a mom in the Summer of 2019.  


     Abigail is a HAPPY, HAPPY girl! She brings such joy to everyone she encounters. She appears to always be wearing an enormous grin! Abigail loves to run whether if be in a game of chase with her Sunny Day Doodle siblings or just to stretch her legs and run long sprints across the yard!  Abigail is affectionate, clever, and curious about everything.  Abigail is a gorgeous chocolate and white parti. She is the oldest Sunny Day Doodles girl and will most likely have a beautiful litter of pups in the Spring of 2019.


     Emma is Katie's litter mate. She is a darker apricot/white. Emma can be so quiet that I hardly know she is around, yet she is never far from my side with those expressive eyes watching closely.  Like her sister, Katie, she has a sweet, loving nature.  Emma will be ready for motherhood in Spring to early summer 2019.